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Screen enclosures come in a variety materials and finishes.

It's About Time.

Hover over parts of the DigiZman screen for information on each area.

Introducing a clearer, more effective way to display all the information your shul, school, or organization needs. The graphically enhanced interface and technologically advaced remote scheduling system surpasses all other zmanim systems to date. No longer will papers and flyers clutter the beauty and sanctity of your shul. One customizable board with endless capabilities is all you need to tidy a messy wall and brighten the look of your edifice. Simply provide your specific zmanim requirements and we formulate continuous weekly schedules that include unlimited minyanim, shiurim, and other important daily zmanim. You can also access all your shul’s specific zmanim using the “DigiZman Control Panel” online. It can be set up today or for any time in the future.

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